Trade and economic cooperation

In 2020, the trade turnover with Bosnia and Herzegovina reached US$ 11.7 million, which is 1.4 times more than in 2010. Meanwhile exports of goods amounted to US$ 7.6 million and contracted by 3% in ten years.

The exports structure includes about 80 product groups.

The most important of them belong to mechanical engineering industry (vehicles, parts thereof); machinery and appliances (pumps, tires); forestry and woodworking industries (furniture, plywood). Import from BiH is dominated by products of metallurgical industry, footwear and textile industry, and home appliances.

Bilateral turnover in services is in the margins of US$ 0.4 million. Transport and healthcare account for more than a half of total exports in services.

There are no companies in Belarus established with capital from BiH. The distribution network of belarusian producers in BiH is under development. "BelAZ" mining dump trucks are delivered to clients through the authorized distributor Premar Services AG.

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